the Movement Subscriptions

the Movement Subscriptions

The Movement, an On-Demand Fitness platform made by athletes, for everyone.

the Movement Subscriptions
  • Meditation in the Forest (All Levels) *10 minutes*

    This 10 minute meditation is for positive energy and a clear minds. Perfect for morning meditation, but you can listen to it anytime you need to improve your mood/energy. This meditation will clear negative energy and fill you with positive and new energy. You will feel more energized after this ...

  • Meditation (All Levels) *15 minutes*

    This 15 minute meditation is a restorative meditation where you can nurture and relax your nervous system. This meditation will take you to deep meditative state where you will give your nervous system a chance to rest and recharge. You will feel well rested and calm after this meditation. Follow...

  • Meditation by the Water (All Levels) *9 Minutes*

    Join Marjo Inari for a calming, soothing and relaxing meditation session. This 9 minute session will help you to relax your body and it supports your recovery from physical /emotional stress. Good for evening meditation but can be listened anytime you need to recharge yourself.

  • Spring Cleaning Series: Glider Workout (All Levels) *12 Minutes*

    Join Coach Terrell for a High Intensity Glider workout. The Spring Cleaning series is a set of different High Intensity workouts, under 20 minutes. This workout uses gliders and will get your heart rate going and burn calories.

  • Spring Cleaning Series: Bodyweight HIIT workout (All Levels) *18 minutes*

    The Spring Cleaning Series is a set of High Intensity workouts, under 20 minutes. This series will cover various workouts that you can do at home or your local gym.

  • Bicep/Shoulder Dumbbell workout (All Levels) *25 Minutes*

    In this workout we go through 4 circuits of exercises that focus on your biceps, shoulders, and core. This workout is for all levels and you will need a set of dumbbells. Make sure you stretch before and after this workout (stretching videos in the library).

  • Suspension Trainer Upper Body workout (All Levels) *20 Minutes*

    Join Coach Terrell (@ITA.movement) as he gets personal with a 1 on 1 suspension training workout for your Upper Body. This workouts will work your biceps, triceps, chest and back. Make sure you get a good stretch after the workout.

  • Stretching Tutorial with Exercise Ball (All Levels) *5 minutes*

    This Tutorial will show you various stretches that you can do daily. Join Coach Terrell (@ITA.movement) as he brings you through a stretching routine, mainly lower back stretches that you can help you with everyday activities.

  • Core and Stretch 2 (Live) *45 minutes*

    Join Coach Terrell for a pre recorded live class of his signature Core and Stretch class. This class combines both stretching with Core exercises. This is for all levels, no equipment needed.

  • Movement Ride (All Levels) *20 Minutes* Stationary Bike needed

    The Movement Ride is a 20 minute high intensity ride that you can do on any spin bike or stationary bike. This workout will get your heart rate up as you burn calories. Make sure you stretch before and have water available.

  • Foam Rolling Tutorial (All Levels) *7 minutes*

    Try this Foam Rolling routine with coach Terrell. Foam rolling is a self- myofascial release, this routine is great before or after workouts. You'd want to add foam rolling to your regular stretching routine.

  • Dribbling Routine 2 (Intermediate) *10 Min.*

    Join former Pro player and skills coach @smoothHandles with his dribbling routine. For this routine you will need 2 basketballs and 1 tennis ball. This routine is for intermediate level athletes

  • Legs + Abs = Labs Workout (All Levels) *20 Minutes* Bands Required

    Labs Workout is a Lower body and Core workout using bands. This 20 minute workouts is for all levels and can be done anywhere. Grab your bands and join @ITA.movement.

  • Boxing Basics with Drew 'Tomahawk' Dwelly (All Levels). *35 Minutes*

    Join Pro Boxer Drew Dwelly as he goes over the boxing basics. A step by step break down of starting a boxing routine and how to throw punches. This tutorial is for all levels and no equipment is needed. Follow @Tomahawk_Dwelly

  • The Movement (w/ dumbbells) (All Levels) *40 Minutes*

    The Movement is a full body HIIT classes. This class incorporates Cardio, core exercises and full body dumbbell exercises.

  • Clocked In: Fat Burner (All Levels) *30 minutes*

    Clocked in: Fat Burner is a High Intensity, full body workout, so prepare to SWEAT. Go through various full body circuits within a given amount of time, really challenge yourself as you get your heart rate up and burn calories. Follow @ITA.movement for more fitness tips.

  • Boxing + Cardio = Bardio Workout 'Tomahawk' Dwelly (All Levels). *20 Minutes*

    Join pro boxer Drew Dwelly as he takes you through a cardio boxing workout. This workout will get your heart rate up as you throw punches and combinations. Follow him at @Tomahawk_Dwelly

  • Dribble Routine 3 (Advanced) *15 Min.*

    Dribbling routine with German Basketball player and Trainer @smoothHandles. This routine you will need 2 basketballs and 1 tennis ball and 2 cones.

  • Fitness to the 5th (All Levels) *25 Minutes*

    Join @ITA.movement or his Fitness to the 5th class. This full body class combines various exercises that target the entire body. Each mini circuit is done in increments of 5. This workout will get your heart rate up while working out the entire body.

  • Stretch Flow (All Levels) *10 Minutes*

    This full body stretch routine is great before or after workouts, or it can be done during your down time. Make sure you stretch as much as possible.

  • Arm Workout (All Levels) *17 minutes* Dumbbells Needed

    Grab your dumbbells and try this Arm workout focusing on your biceps, triceps and shoulders. This workout is for all levels.

  • The Movement II (All Levels) *30 Min.*

    Join @ITA.movement for his signature class the Movement. This class incorporates cardio, core exercises and dumbbell workouts.

  • Quick HIIT (All Levels) *17 minutes*

    Join @ITA.movement for a quick High Intensity workout. Get your heart rate up while you go through a full body workout.