the Movement Subscriptions

the Movement Subscriptions

The Movement, an On-Demand Fitness platform made by athletes, for everyone.

the Movement Subscriptions
  • Dribbling Routine (Beginner) *10 Min.*

    Basic Dribbling Routine with German Basketball player and Trainer @SmoothHandles. You just need 1 basketball for this routine. (10 Min.)

  • High Intensity Core Workout *15 Min.*

    Join @ITA.movement for his High Intensity Core Workout not only gets your heart rate up it works on your abs, lower back, glutes and obliques.

  • Upper - Band Workout *21 Minutes* Bands required

    Join Terrell (@ITA.movement) for a upper body workout with bands. Grab your loop bands and bigger pull up bands as you work your triceps, biceps, shoulders and back.

  • Core and Stretch (Live) *40 minutes*

    This pre recorded, live class combines both stretching with Core exercises. This is for all levels, no equipment needed.

  • Back 2 the Basics (Beginner) *25 minutes* Bands or Dumbbells

    Join @ITA.movement for 'Back 2 the Basics', a full body workouts that incorporates both body weight exercises and resistance training. You can use weights or bands for this workout. Make sure you stretch before and after.

  • Spin (All Levels) *35 minutes*

    Join Toni Vitale with her up tempo Spin class. This class can be done with any spin bike. Follow @mindbodhtv for more of her content

  • Beach HIIT workout (All Levels) *30 Minutes*

    This high intensity beach workout can be done anywhere, without equipment. Join @ITA.movement as he goes through various circuits that will get your heart rate up. No equipment needed, this specialty class with MAC gym can be done anywhere.

  • The Athletes Workout (Intermediate- Advanced) *30 Minutes*

    The Athletes workout is a High Intensity workout created by former athlete @ITA.movement. This full body workout will get your heart rate up while you perform various athletic movements.

  • Intro to Killer Kettlebells (All Levels) *30 Minutes*

    Join Fitness Coach Rebecca Dyson Heyward for her killer kettlebell workout. This full body workout is for all levels, feel free to follow Rebecca on Instagram @Rebecca1142. *Kettlebell required*

  • EBAS - Elemental Body Alignment System (All Levels) *40 Minutes*

    Join Fitness Coach Sam Chamberlain for her Elemental Body Alignment System. EBAS is a series of exercises designed for structural integrity and supported range of motion. Sam Chamberlain is a fitness coach with a strength and conditioning background, working with Rugby and Cricket players in the ...

  • Pilates Mat (All Levels) *30 Minutes*

    This Pilates Mat class is perfect for all levels. This class begins with a warm-up and progress to a sculpting flow of pilates-inspired moves focusing on core, alignment, flexibility, and more. Taught by Sabrina Sarabella, Clinical nutritionist and health coach. Follow her at @Sabrina_Sarabella.

  • Pilates Sculpt (All Levels) *30 Minutes*

    When Pilates meets weights, you get Pilate Sculpt. This class starts with a light warmup, and transitions into sculpting by using more weights and focusing on arms, legs, and core. This workout will get your heart rate pumping while sculpting your body. Follow Sabrina @Sabrina-Sarabella.

  • Athletic Yoga II with Coach D (All Levels) *35 Minutes*

    Join Coach D for another Athletic Yoga routine. This routine will not only engage you physically, but mentally as well. Check out Coach D at @GetFitFLyRight

  • Fitness Cubed (All Levels) *25 Minutes*

    Fitness Cubed is a Full Body High Intensity Class using just your bodyweight. The class consists of 3 circuits with 3 exercises for 3 rounds, each exercise is done 30 seconds each. No equipment is needed. Follow @ITA.movement on Instagram

  • The Movement III (w/ dumbbells) (All Levels) *40 Minutes*

    The Movement is a HIgh Intensity Full body class that incorporates cardio exercises, dumbbell exercises and core exercises. Feel free to follow @ITA.movement and leave comments on your favorite workouts.

  • The Movement IV Live (w/ Dumbbells) (Intermediate Level) *40 Minutes*

    The Movement is a High Intensity Full body class that incorporates cardio exercises, dumbbell exercises and core exercises. Feel free to follow @ITA.movement and leave comments on your favorite workouts.

  • Leg Day Tutorial (All Levels) Dumbbells needed

    Join @ITA.movement as he breaks down proper form for various leg exercises. Learn the proper form for these workouts. Dumbbells are needed.